Who Are We?

First of its kind, we are a fraternity that is primality focus on building the bond men and turning strangers into brothers. Due to the nature that Kappa Pi Theta was founded by military veterans the focus on brotherhood is stronger here than anywhere else. We are brother above all. We do not discriminate among our members it is not uncommon to meet people of different religious background and people of different economic background and all walks of life. We oppose any discrimination based on color or and sexual orientation. We are brother before and anything and once you are a brother, you truly are a brother forever.

       Kappa Pi Theta Fraternity


Founded August 10 2018

University of HoustonDowntown


Type Social

Scope Local

Motto "Brother Forever,Forever Brothers"


Colors Black, Blaze Orange and White 


Symbol The Delta Skull


Chapters 1 Colonies 2


Headquarters 4810 Old Spanish Trail, Houston TX 77021

How to Join?

If you are interested in joining there are many ways of becoming a member. If there is no chapter currently at your University, this doesn’t mean you are unable to join, however you will have to contact us in order to go forward. If you have already graduated college or in graduate school, you are still eligible to join. Student that are currently in community college need at least a 2.3 GPA in order to join. Now if you are at a University that currently has a chapter, the requirements are as follows. Be born and pronounced male at birth, be at least 18 years old, be of good moral character.

  Start A Chapter

Starting a chapter isn't easy, however as a fraternity, we are the most willing to help and the most understanding. The larger the interest group that you have, the better your chances of succeeding as a chapter. While starting a chapter is hard and requires a time commitment, you end up getting more out, than you put in. Being a founding father means that all the members that come after you even when you are long gone your name will still be spoken at that University. You would also be joining a fraternity that not many people can say they have been apart of. Every single year you'll have a chance to come back and see what your creation has grown to and the new brothers you now have.